Esther Characters
Operation Esther

Join this special study the book of Esther and pray for special groups around the world in need of God's deliverance!

Watch these special devotional videos on confession and intercession and deliverance as we study the book of Esther.

Operation Esther Bible Study - Part 1


Operation Esther Bible Study - Part 2


Operation Esther Bible Study - Part 3


Click on the icons above to download/print the relevant Bible study for your child/student.

There are four different Bible studies for various age levels. These levels are general guidelines. If parents/teachers would like to choose the level of Bible study above or below the guidelines given below, please choose whatever is best for your child/student.

Age Group 1: Pre-readers (colouring sheet)

Age Group 2: New readers - 8 years (may need help reading the Scripture passages)

Age Group 3: 9-11 years

Age Group 4: 12 and over