Christ Our Advocate by John Bunyan


Christians too little concern themselves, as I have said, with the offices of Jesus Christ; and therefore their knowledge of him is so little, and their faith in him so weak. We are bid to have our conversation in heaven, and then a man so hath, when he is there, in his spirit, by faith, observing how the Lord Jesus does exercise his offices there for him. Let us often, by faith, go to the bar of God, there to hear our Advocate plead our cause; we should often have our faith to God’s judgment-seat, because we are concerned there; there we are accused of the devil, there we have our crimes laid open, and there we have our Advocate to plead; and this is suggested in the text, for it said, “We have an Advocate with the Father”; therefore, thither our faith should go for help and relief in the day of our straits. I say, we should have our faith to God’s judgment-seat, and show it there, by the glass of our text, what Satan is doing against, and the Lord Jesus for, our souls. We should also show it how the Lord Jesus carries away every cause from the devil, and from before the judgment-seat, to the comfort of the children, the joy of angels, and the shame of the enemy. This would strengthen and support our faith indeed, and would make us more able than, for the most part, we are to apply the grace of God to ourselves, and hereafter to give more strong repulses to Satan. It is easy with a man, when he knows that his advocate has overthrown his enemy at the King’s Bench bar or Court of Common Pleas, less to fear him the next time he sees him, and more boldly to answer him when he renews his threats on him. Let faith, then, be strengthened, from its being exercised about the advocate ship of Jesus Christ.

From The Work of Jesus Christ as Advocate by John Bunyan